Growing up in a small coal mining town in Utah, author Frederic Marsh Civish, Jr. “felt the state and everybody in it could be described with two words: I called the state ‘sticks and people hicks.’ After joining the Navy during the Korean War and living in several California cities, in 1962, for various reasons, I decided to move back to the sticks and become one of them ‘thar’ hicks. I lived in Salt Lake until 2012, when I got tired of the traffic and the smog, and moved north to Ogden, Utah, where my current home is about a quarter of a mile from huge mountains reminiscent of those where I was born and raised in Sunnyside Utah.

Born in 1931, Civish states he is older than the Empire State Building, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Hoover Dam. His life story is one of history and achievement, including four books: his autobiography OUT OF THE GULCH ONTO THE MOUNTAIN TOP; the stories he grew up with about the first nationwide coalminer’s strike where 600,000 miners went on strike and it turned bloody in most areas THE SUNNYSIDE WAR; a book he first heard about a different version than the Mormon church’s original version from a Paiute elder who told him his grandfather told him the Paiute were going to be blamed for the Mountain Meadows Massacre because the Mormons, dressed as Indians, had killed everyone except a few young girls THE THREE SENTINALS; and as outlined in his autobiography, he began gaining weight as a child on his mother’s insistence, and ended up weighing 300 pounds as an adult until he finally found a solution for his overeating that brought him down to 175 pounds and wrote the book LOSING WEIGHT FOR LIFE, EATING WHAT YOU LIKE ON THE RMR DIET.

On Pearl Harbor Day, he was out duck hunting and that is just one of the things he remembers doing as history took place. Also the number of ways he has made money doing reads like an encyclopedia, in fact the first title of his autobiography was 1001 WAYS TO MAKE MONEY AND STILL END UP WITHOUT ANY.

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