“This is a story that needs to be told and CIVISH is the right man to tell it,” Orson Scott Card.
Join young Dan Cook on his journey of struggle, betrayal, and self-discovery in his fight for justice in a coal mining town in the 1920’s . Set in the Book Cliffs of the American West. The Sunnyside War artfully documents a crucial time in history when the romance of the open range was being transformed into a place that longtime settlers and new immigrants alike called home. A fascinating look at the challenges and triumphs of working-class families in the in the early 20th Century. Of interest to far more than miners or union people, this book’s message is for anybody seeking to understand the American Dream.

“I have known many miners, but I never wendst inside a mine until I followed Dan Cook to work.” Lee John, publisher.

“This if the best book on the struggle for justice to come along in the last half-century.” Thomas Preston, ex-Presidents, Sunnyside local of the UMWA.

As an added bonus, this book contains the only complete list of more than 1,300 men killed in the Utah coal mines

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